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We are specialists in all types of dance floors, supplying to both indoor and outdoor venues. Let me introduce our LED star dance floor briefly this time.
The LED dance floor is widely used in indoor venues. RK’s LED star lights dance floors are of excellent quality, high capability of load bearing. The capability of load bearing could be reach 500kg, because the professional structure for the heavy bearing.
Since these LED floors come in sections, you can easily adjust their size to the suit the number of people in attendance. The black and white LED dance floors produce a stunning effect for any event. The LED lights of a black and white dance floor will bring dramatic effect to your wedding or special occasion event. This twinkling LED dance flooring creates a beautiful visual night club effect of your event.
LED dance floor,wedding dance floor event
This LED dance floor is available in individual sections of 0.6 m *0.6 m and 0.6 m *1.2 m. In choosing your LED flooring you will need to take into account the size and type of event, the measurement of available space. There are four colors of the star lights, white, blue, green, yellow, and red, single or mixed color at your choice. The white lights is striking and will brighten up your venue, the blue lights will make your venue more elegant. The parameters of the LED dance floor also play an important role in the quantity, then it’s the parameters of our LED dance floor as below:
Product parameters
Panel Size: 60CM * 120CM
Voltage: 36V
Power: 5W
Lamp beads: SMD 5050,
Lamps quantity:32 pieces
Color of Lamp beads: white/blue / green / yellow /red high brightness
Controller:  remote control
Channel: 1
Effect:  Full-bright, self-propelled, single, dual, strobe, speed
Dance floor Surface: Acrylic
Procedure: 12
Flooring color: white / black
Weight: 16KG
Description of the controller:
Voltage: AC90-260V
Total power: 450W
Control the quantity of square: 50 square meters maximum
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
 LED/RGB/PVC dance floor

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