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To say what is most appealing at night, I think it must be the light. RK sells and leases LED / RGB star curtains to make your ordinary place lively and vivid.
LED / RGB Star curtains now appear in weddings, churches, schools, exhibitions, concerts, parties, birthdays and more.

 RK LED/RGB star curtains
LED star curtains and RGB star curtains are not the same, apart from the difference between the lights on them, the other is very similar, RGB more colorful and more colorful, LED colors more concise. Not the same decorative environment with different star curtains will be more collocation, such as weddings, the church is usually LED star curtains, because these on-site decorations are mainly white, serious and solemn atmosphere, colorful added to the contrary The effect is not good, giving a bad impression, while places like the more active atmosphere are usually RGB star curtains, because the color of the outside world can affect a person's mood, and colorful and colorful can make people feel relaxed and pleasurable.

 star curtains show
In addition, our star curtains can also be sold background curtains, we also have many types of curtains to choose from, as long as you want, we have, colorful, full range of this is the best adjective.
If you want to give it a try, or learn more about RK's products, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions in detail.
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