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RK pipe and drape system is a great way to make an exhibit booth, wedding canopy, divide a room or use as hall backdrop for a conference. Let's get a basic understanding of the parts involved in pipe and drape kits. There are only 4 components parts to a pipe and drape backdrop:

Both the Standard and adjustable uprights utilize a unique "slip fit" system which allows the upright to simply slip over a pin that connect to the base. Constructed of aluminum tube, the upright is adjustable for variable heights, RK provide a wide height, from 5 ft to 26 ft. Also standard upright with fixed height is also available for your special requirement.

pipe and drape

Base Plates are made of zinc plated steel. Various sizes and thicknesses are available depending on the application and weight of the drapery panel selected.

Telescopic crossbar also means drape supports, which slip easily and securely into the uprights and are available in various telescopic widths. A wide width from 3 ft to 16 ft to meet your different requirement .Also we do have kind size for the crossbar for your special venue.Varying distance between the upright posts is never an issue with these versatile drapery panel supports.

Drapes Panels is the fabric that hangs from the drape support rod and completes the look of your backdrop. Drapes are available in a host of colors and fabrics, like chiffon, velour, velvet, star curtain, black out drapes etc.

pipe and drape

Pipe and Drape is a fast and easy way to divide a room into multiple areas or make a room smaller and more intimate.The pipe and drapes system also portable for a temporary event decoration, it's easy to set up and take down. If you are event company, the pipe and drape is perfect for you to decorate your clients event, for wedding,birthday party, anniversary or commercial conference etc. There are so many usage for the pipe and drapes system, economic and convenient.

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