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We are the manufacturer of the pipe and drape for morn than 17 years. There are so many wedding pipe and drape imported from RK factory. We provide so many romantic wedding decorations for people all over the world, realized the dream of the bride and bridegroom with the romantic wedding. I believe that it will become the memorable wedding in their life with the wedding pipe and drape decoration. Of couse, it will Impress everyone on the scene.

round pipe and drape for wedding

round pipe and drape for wedding

For RK pipe and drape, there are regular size for your choice, but do not worry the customized order. We also accept the customize size according to the requirements of our customers. In addition, I always believe that everyone want a romantic wedding in their whole life. I am no exception. Besides, I am looking forward to my romantic wedding with the wedding pipe and drape decorations.

Following is the detailed information of the pipe and drape for your reference:

1, Standard cross bars, standard upright and Telescopic Drape supports
2, The size of upright from 3ft to 26ft
3, Drapes available 11~20ft Tall, 8~14ft, 5~8 ft, 3~5ft
4, Weight of bases ranges from 6 to 62 lb according to real needs.

Please believe RK pipe and drape, Whether it is the price or quality of the product, we will meet your requirement all the time. If you are interested in our wedding pipe and drape, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be always here to help you out. Thank you so much.

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