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We are the manufacturer of the pipe and drape, portable stage,stage truss, led dance floor, wooden dance floor, led star curtain, flight case, barrier, cable protector and other performance equipment.

RK specialized in the wedding equipment - High-quality wedding decoration pipe & drape.

wedding pipe and drape

In RK, there are two generations pipe and drape for your choose. Includes 1.0 pipe and drape and 2.0 pipe and drape. So what is the difference between 1.0 pipe and drape and 2.0 pipe and drape. The difference is that the connection method. As for the details you can check the below picture. You will know what the differences they are.

There are so many customers will ask that which one is better. Everyone has his own opinion. From my personal point of view, which one do I prefer in my heart, I will follow my heart. For the two generations of pipe and drape, their materials, dimensions and other aspects are the same, only the difference in the connection method. If you have known our pipe and drape before, you will find that it is very popular for weddings, which will make the whole wedding scene full of romantic atmosphere. That is the reason why there are so many customers would like to buy the pipe and drape kits for wedding decoration.

pipe and drape for wedding

RK is a professional company that specialize in the performance equipment. Please remember that there are five major categories in our company,they are portable stage, truss, pipe and drape, dance floor and flight case. If you or your friend want to purchase the performance equipment, please feel free to contact RK Vinda. I will always be here to help you out. Thank you for your continuous attention.

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