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Easy install way makes pipe and drape kits become the first decor choice for event planners. Let me show you how does it work.

A pipe and drape kit consist of 4 parts: 2 base plates, 2 uprights, 1 crossbar and a drapery.

  1. Connect the pin to base plate by screw;
  2. Uprights' inside are hollow, just slide them over the pins on the base plates;
  3. There is a hole-through pole on the top of the drapery. Sleeve the drapery onto the crossbar;
  4. Place the hook at end of the crossbar into one of the open slots on the upright;
  5. You're all done! Just about 5 minutes you have a pipe and drape backdrop now. For an extra tip, visit our website: www.pipedrapesystems.com

RK, the manufacturer of pipe and drape supplies all popular sizes pipes and all kinds of drapes in the market. We own our factory which can offer you best price with great quality. That is not a big deal of you don't like the design in the market. Just let us know the design in your mind, we can offer you a great design drawing for free!

pipe and drape

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