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RK provides kinds of drapes, like chiffon, banjo, velour, velvet, black out drape, ice silk etc. And each drape has several grade.

I'm going to introduce our black out drape this time (it is one kind of adjustable pipe backdrop kits). RK black out drapes is widely used for stage backdrop to hide the lights, also used as the decoration curtain. The black out drape is blackout 100% and flame resistant, dense textile but soft surface. This drapes is 7.0 m high and 6 m wide, it didn't extend, so it's the fullness outlook.

You can choose the rod pocket or bandage at the top. The rod pocket is 10 cm wide to hold by most of the tube. As the bandage design, eyelet will be added here and every 30 cm. Some people choose the bandage design, because it's portable to carry when you want to install for different venue. You set up it freely with the bandage if there is a rod.

Backdrop Curtain

The black out drapes is the most economic drape if you're looking for 100% blackout backdrop curtain. We're also specialized in the pipe framework to support the drapes, If you want to buy RK pipe and drape system, welcome to get inquiry.

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