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RK the pipe and drape manufacturer, provides clients with pipe and curtain backdrop what can be used for stage backdrop, wall cover or room divider. The curtain backdrops are available in many styles, sizes and colors. Adding a curtain backdrop to ceremony location creates a dramatic effect and will be sure to draw everyone's eye to the wedding party. It is also useful to cover unsightly objects that may be in the photographers view. Also the pipe and curtain backdrop can be room divider and space divider in hotel and banquet hall.

Pipe and Curtain backdrop

This pipe and curtain backdrop is made up with upright, crossbar, base plate and drapes. The upright is 8'-20' high, the crossbar is 6'-10'wide. And 24" × 24" × 3/16" Base plate to support the framework. The drapes is classic velour, which is fireproof and 65% black out. The classic is the most economic drapes, elegant outlook with shinny surface, soft and gentle. Our pipe system is strong enough to support heavy drapes. A variety of length of the pipes for your choice.

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