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Event pipe and drape,The drape panels on each drape support (prolonged out to 10’) planning them for hanging. The drape panels have a pocket sewn on top of the drape – the drape support slides inside it. Make sure to face the hems of the sewn slots to the identical side so they can be installed away from the view of attendees participating in the event.
Place the drape panels evenly across the drape support so the drape folds looks uniform. This will avoid the drape appearing smooth is some places and “bunched up” in others.
It is a good idea to create a “drape threading” station (or stations) with a pair of eight foot tables spaced about 8-10 feet apart. This will likely keep the drape from getting soiled on the floor and will allow the drape hanger handy access to them.

Adjust the length of the drape support to match the uprights previously spaced out before attempting installation. Just hold the drape support next to the uprights you will be installing it in and depress the button on the support while sliding it smaller.When you reach the correct width hang it up.
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