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RK wooden Dance Floor has a variety of sizes and colors. Black, white, walnut can be choosed.
We are a leading company of this stage in China, our stage is patented, also with TUV Certificate and Fireproof Certificate!

black and white dance floor wedding idea

Production Feature
* Modular system.
* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes.
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration.
* No extra tools required.
* Smooth Surface
* 2ftx2ft,3ftx3ft,4ftx4ft.
How to Installation Plywood Dance floor?
Only need two steps
1. Joining together many dance floor platform first, then put away the square edge aluminum and bevel edge aluminum on the side,
2.  Please use the accessories" Hex key " into the floor platform screw Clockwise turn joining together. Then complete OK

connect way