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We, RK are professional in manufacturing and marketing pipe and drapes in China, We offer a wide Varity of products that will enable you to transform any space. Our main products include pipe and drape basictrade show boothphoto booth packagewedding tentdance floorstar curtainportable stage and related equipment.

RK products show

Trade show booth is composed of pipe and drapes, with four base plate, four upright, three drapes and the crossbar can be simple to build structures. RK customization and sale of Trade show booth, as long as you call: +86 18218086456 or E-mail: manager06@raykglobal.com , we will be based on your request for your production of special trade show booth, the following is the customer special custom special trade show booth and the Packing.
Trade show booth and packing

The client I received said I am very happy and incredible that I am very satisfied with the value for money. Of course, we have other products: professional custom stagedance floorpipe and drapestar curtainstruss system, etc. If you need or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.