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In recent years, whether it is in the square, the mall, the street and other places, the LED plasma screen has been seen everywhere. Because of its high definition color display screen, super strong sense of stereo and the ability to combine with intelligent equipment, there is a huge market demand.

Most of the LED plasma screen outlet will choose the way of air transportation. So when we transport the LED plasma screen, we have to do the corresponding protection on the protection.

What are the ideas about the transportation LED plasma screen?

There are two problems in the transport process of LED plasma screen. We need to pay attention to the following aspects: screen scraping and wetting. For these two problems, we can take the following methods.

1. pack with foam and carton, so that the LED plasma screen screen is fixed in the carton, and it will not be damaged.
2. use the LED plasma cases and put the LED plasma screen in the case. The traditional wooden case and iron case packaging LED plasma screen has the disadvantages of inconvenient loading and unloading, poor maneuverability and so on.

Plasma screen case is equipped with shockproof cushioning material inside, it can effectively protect the screen from impact, and the flight case can be fitted with casters, which is relatively more flexible and convenient, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements.

LED plasma screen case

A lot of people may be a little stranger to the LED flight case, and then it's just a simple thing to do.

As we all know, the LED flight case is mainly the transport package of the LED plasma screen. LED flight case has the characteristics of convenience, mobility and recycling in transportation, which provides more perfect packaging for high-tech products.

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