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The busy event season is approaching, there are so many clients are ready to purchase the performance equipment, likes the portable stage, LED/ wooden dance floor, flight case, pipe and drape and so on for the outdoor event. The follow is the details of the beyond stage for your reference:

A stage consists of a platform and four legs. The picture for your reference. The most amazing thing is that available in a variety of sizes. Such as 1M × 1M, 1M × 2M, 1. 22M × 1. 22M (= 4' × 4'), 1. 22M × 2. 44M (= 4' × 8'). Is there only these sizes?No, of course not. What's more, we often accept the customized size and shape, like the round stage. For the material of the stage platform, there are four material for your choice, Carpet finish, Industrial material, Tuffcoat finish, Armorplate Glass. But generally speaking, the industrial material is the hottest. For the height, there are fixed height and adjustable height.

What's more, we also accept the custom order, such as Rectangular, circular, hexagonal or polygonal stage. Rest assured. As a matter of fact, there are so many custom Beyond stage from our clients. They need different shape of the stage for the outdoor event.

Sometime, we ask for our clients that what size of the stage would you want to need? As a matter of fact, they do not know what size they need, but please rest assured that we will help you to choose the exact size of the stage even if you do not know what size you need. On the one hand, we can choose the size according to the Event venue, on the other hand, we aslo can decide the size in line with the the people who will join in the event. Please pay attention that before we quote the price to you, we need to know what size of the stage would you need. Because different size and quantities with different price.

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