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The RK has two type of the star curtain, includes the LED star curtain and the RGB curtain. A full sets of the LED star curtain compose of the the LED lights, curtain and the DMX controller. For the controller, it will cover 50 m²curtain area. You need to calculate the dimension of the space(Width*High) you would like to cover before you purchasing the LED star curtian. But do not worry, we have the standard sie of the LED star curtain, in addition, we also accept the custom order. The size of the LED star curtain from RK can be customized freedom.

There are so many clients would like to ask that why they need to use the LED star curtain for the wedding/party/event. We don't have an accurate and unique answer for that problem. but from my personal point of view, I think that the LED star curtain can enhance the wedding or party atmosphere. Giving the audience a feeling of mysteious. In addition, let people enjoy the joy of the wedding. All in all, compare the wedding decorated with the led star curtain with the wedding decorated without the led star curtain, the atmosphere of the wedding is totally different.

For the event company, the RGB curtain are so popular, they are used to the wedding decoration, the concert, the bar, the club and so on. So beautiful so nice so cool. Certainly, there are so many weddings held in the different countries all over the world every year. 98% of people choose decorations to decorate their wedding, among them, there are 68% of people choose LED star curtain to decorate their wedding in order to leave a good memory for each other. So, please do not wait, choose the LED star curtain to decorate your wedding.

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