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The pipe and drape system is widely used as backdrop.The back drapes are also ideal for use as room dividers, exhibition stand, curtain backgrounds, catering aisles, partitions, stage backdrops, and drape decoration at events such as trade shows, weddings, industry functions, fairs, receptions, fundraisers, special events, performances, and more.

RK pipe and drape system available size as below:

Adjustable upright:

EU Standard: 1.2 m-2.1 m, 1.5 m-2.4 m, 1.8 m-3.0m, 2.1 m-3.6 m,
2.4 m-4.2 m, 2.7 m-4.8 m, 2.1 m-5.1 m, 2.4 m-6.0 m,
2.7 m-6.9 m
US Standard: 4 ft-7 ft, 5 ft-8 ft, 6 ft-10 ft, 7 ft-12 ft, 8 ft-14 ft,
9 ft-16 ft, 7 ft-17 ft,8 ft-20 ft, 9 ft-23 ft

Telescopic crossbar:

EU Standard: 0.9 m-1.5 m, 1.2 m-2.1 m, 1.5 m-2.4 m, 1.8 m-3.0 m,
2.1 m-3.6 m, 2.4 m-4.2 m, 2.7 m-4.8 m
US Standard: 3 ft-5 ft, 5 ft-8 ft, 6 ft-10 ft, 7 ft-12 ft,
8 ft-14 ft, 9 ft-16 ft

Base Plate:

EU Standard: 450×450×5 mm, 500×500×5 mm, 600×600×5 mm,
450×450×8 mm, 600×600×8 mm
US Standard: 18" × 18" × 3/16", 24" × 24" × 3/16", 18" × 18" × 3/8",
24" × 24" × 3/8"

pipe and drape system

The advantage of the pipe and drape system:

Pipe and Drape System is very portable. It is easy to handle, quick to set up and take down without tools, and requires minimum storage space. Easy to carry, you can install wherever you like. This high quality backdrop support kit is perfectly suitable for all level photographers from professional to amateurs.

Adjustable height for different occasion and venue,make the perfect height to match your requirement.The uprights utilize a unique "slip fit" system which allows the upright to simply slip over a pin that is on the base. Our pipe and drape systems are adjustable width and come in varying heights and fabrics. Connect multiple sections together to create unique room displays, ceremony backdrops or wedding canopies.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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