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Nowadays, without dance floor then no weddings, parties. As event equipment manufacturer for more than 10 years, we supply many kinds of dance floor-Normal wooden dance floor, led dance floor, RGB dance floor, RGB video dance floor, 3D Mirror dance floor and so on.

Considering the budget and cost, our normal wooden dance floor is the best options. Compared with other style floor, wooden floor is the most cheapest style and more popular used in events. Below is some details of our wooden dance floor:

Material: plywood with aluminum frame;
Unit panel size: 2ft×2ft, 3ft×3ft, 1m×1m and 4ft×4ft;
Consist: floor panels and aluminum edges;
Color: Both the floor panels and edges color can be customized;
Thickness: 18mm board thickness and 30mm with aluminum frame;
Bearing capacity: 750kg/square meters;
Package: normal wooden package, trolley or fight cases.

Wooden Dance Floor

Wooden Dance Floor

Some clients has concern, normal wooden floor is not so pretty or shiny enough for events. Here shared one of our other client's feedback picture then you will know it is not really true. Event simple black and white flooring,if you add some lighting, it will also looks awesome and pretty. Certainly there are definitely many other ways to make simple flooring looks different and amazing, as well as we open our mind and be more creative.

Certainly led/RGB dance floor will looks better than normal wood floor, as long as you are willing to pay for them.

Once you also have interest in our dance floor kindly feel free to contact Cindy Gui whenever. Your are always welcomed, below is my contact details:

Email: sales06@pipedrapesystems.com
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