14 ft by 20 ft Luxury velvet pipe and drapes kit
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This kit is going to make a deluxe backdrop for your venue.Luxury 100% black out velvet with flame resistant material.

This Kit includes the following products:
(1) 2 pcs 6 ft - 10 ft Telescopic Crossbar;
(2) 3 pcs 8 ft - 14 ft Adjustable Upright;
(3) 3 pcs 24’’*24’’ large heavy duty bases;
(4) 2 pcs 14ft*10ft luxury velvet with 100% fullness;

Luxury velvet pipe and drape kits

RK’s pipe and drape system has the ability to versatile from backdrop to canopy,universal pipes are easy to connect to each other.

Rk’s pipe and drape system feature:
Heavy duty aluminum pipes;
Weighted steel bases;
Easily set up and take down;
Lightweight for easy transport;
Variety of drapes;

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