Easily install Smart stage for events
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Easily install Smart stage for events
Smart stage is our top selling stages compared with our other style stages. Not only as better cheaper cost,easily quick install ways,but also the quality is also very good with 850kg/square meters bearing capacity.
The stage panel we have non-slip industrial finished and carpet finished 2 style.Unit panel size can be 1m*1m,1m*2m,4ft4ft and 4ft*8ft.Among them the 4ft*4ft stage panels is the most popular size and randomly have promotion of this size.
The height of the project is 20cm,40cm, 60cm,80cm and 100cm. Though our smart stage is fixed height,but not means it cannot be used when client have demand on the height. If need higher,we also have 80cm,100cm available, and while stacking the risers,the stage can also be as high as 1.5m-2m.
With lock system on the panel backside, it is very easily install the stages.Only need to press the button then can install or take out the risers.Here is the install video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJe2t4YKJbc
Below is our newly finished smart stage project,height 100cm high with 4 steps steps.Can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.
Once any interest to know more about our smart stages kindly feel free to contact me whenever. Below are my contact details, your contact is always welcomed!
Email: sales06@pipedrapesystems.com
Mobile/Whats App: +86-13534064248
Skype: rackcase1

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