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RK portable wedding backdrop stand with drapery for sale
RK is one of the leading manufacturers of trade booth pipe and drape systems in the nation. We have a wide variety of pipe and drape systems ranging from starter kits, bases, slip fit and screw in uprights, and fixed and telescoping drape supports. Pipe & drape systems eliminate the need for rigging points in your venue and save on space, as cloths can be safely rigged to sit right against walls.
Pipe & drape systems are used at: Wedding decoration ,event decoration,stage backdrop,trade fair booth ,exhibition booth ,Convention centers, Hotels, Casinos, Schools, Museums, Resorts, and so on.
 Products Features
* Durable and rust resistant.
* Modular system.
* Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes.
* Virtually unlimited size or configuration.
* Creates theatre-like appearance.
* No extra tools required.
* Drapes can be supplied to size
* Easy for carry with special designed hand bags
Each kit includes:
Two 6ft-14ft Tall uprights with 4 spigots for different direction
Two 420*400*5mm bases with 3 pin holes for wall coner installation
One 6ft-11ft width telescopic drape support/crossbar with buttons
Pipe and drape specification(standard size):
Upright height :with 3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft ,5ft-8ft, 6ft~10ft,7ft-12ft ,8ft-14ft , 9ft-16ft ,9ft-16ft, 10ft-18ft,11ft-20ft ,12ft-22ft,13ft-24ft ,14ft-26ft adjustable ,have 2 piece ,3 piece
Telescopic crossbars(Floor width):2ft-3ft,3ft-5ft,4ft-7ft,5ft-8ft, 6ft-10ft,7ft-12ft,8ft-10ft,8ft-14ft ,9ft-16ft
Noted: All installation components---Pin & screw and hex key are free !!!
Telescopic crossbar poles ,curtain support, drape support, drape stands
Special hook design ,2 buttons ,easy to adjust


Adjustable Upright pole
Four spigots for different direction, adjustable buttons ,no slip-lock collar ,additional bolt to avoid pole sudden drop


Installation steps
1.connect the base and base pin with hex key and screw
2.fit the upright and base
3.drape cross the crossbar
4.connect the upright and crossbar


pipe and drape kits


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