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Pipe and Drape | Backdrops

Pipe and drape is versital, transforms space that looks great and can create seamless wall transitions, cover windows, doors, or unsightly walls. Pipe and draape can also create a visually clean backdrop for wedding altars, cake tables, food stations and more.

Why pipe and drape may be your perfect solution

Pipe and drape is versatile

  • Pipe and Drape allows a variety of color schemes that can work together perfectly with many color palettes. You can cover up that big logo on the wall, a basket ball hoop, an ugly sign, an unappealing view, or most anything that is visually annoying.

Pipe and drape transforms space

  • Imagine that you have a very large room, but a small event. With pipe and drape, there's no need to have 100 people sitting in a huge space normally used for groups of 300. Strategically placed pipe & drape can transform that large room in to a more intimate and beautiful area. Add up lighting for a more dramatic effect.

Pipe and drape has a great look

  • The bare walls of a public venue, church, school or a storage area can be a real eye sore for wedding guests. You can cover almost any eye sore with pipe & drape, and turn ugly into beautiful while keeping guests focused on the important things like - YOUR WEDDING!

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