RK-RT6X10-D2185 square roof wedding decoration tent
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Wedding Square Roof Tent ( With Chelloffon Drape and Accessory )
RK-RT6X10-D2185     4 X TS610 Upright and 4 X TDS610 crossbar and 4 X Base

square roof wedding tent

Pipe and drape are some of the most popular equipments for different usage, just like decoration, privacy protection, etc. You will find that these products are only made from steel base plate, aluminum adjustable upright and telescopic crossbars or the colored draperies.

In addition, New indoor or outdoor wedding decoration tent is made from aluminum pipe stand. Adjustable height and width and matching drapery.

Header/Horizontal – valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontal support

crossbar pipe

Telescoping Uprights – unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered

upright pipe
Base – the foundation of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of drape

Drape – available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

drapery fabric