RK New coming Meteor shower led curtain for sale
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LED Star Curtain  Black & White & Red, etc

star curtain

RK LED Star Curtains are used in the large, medium and small stage background, KTV and wedding, etc.
1.The material: made from high-grade flame resistant velvet cloth and features ultra bright monochromatic LED light source. 
2.Led lights colors: custom made service, including single white, red, yellow, blue, green and purple; blue and white mixed color; red, yellow, blue and green mixed color; red, white, blue and green mixed color; blue, green, yellow and white mixed color, is available.
3..Optional color of fabric and measurement of the curtain is available.
4.Mainly Product characteristic: energy conservation and environmental friendly, easy to fold and carry.
5. Led curtains Application: Use for stage backdrop, trade show booths, hotels, wedding, schools, convertion centers, casinos, museums, resorts, exhibit booth, event. etc
6.Easy to install, can be assembled in minutes
We can supply you best solution for your staging and events, or exhibition and wedding, or your any outside activity.
7.size: 2m*3m,2m*4m,3m*4m,4m*6m,4m*8m,5m*10m or customized
Color of the lights: red, blue, green and white, or other colors you want.
8.Provide the best pric, quality and service.
Attached are our new items-Meteor shower led curtains. It is unique and special, wish you will have some interest.


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