Difference between Led Curtain and RGB curtain
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Nowadays LED curtain/RGB curtain are widely used in weddings/parties/concerts and other events. During communicate with clients, we found many client not clearly know the difference between LED curtain with mixed leds and RGB curtains, so today i will make it clear.

The difference between led curtain and RGB curtain are as belows:

RK Led(RGB) Curtains difference


Led Curtains

RGB Curtains

Led Lamp quantity

15-18pcs led lights/square meters

6pcs led lights/square meters

Led Lamp color

single white, red, yellow, blue, green and purple;
blue and white mixed color; red, yellow, blue and green mixed color;
red, white, blue and green mixed color;
blue, green, yellow and white mixed color

RGB Multi-colors 3 in 1 leds


8 channels

6 channels


14 pre-set program (set DMX address to choose program)

16 pre-set program (set DMX address to choose program)


Control 120 square meter

Control 60 square meters

Led & RGB curtains

Led curtain controller

RGB curtain controller

Here are the video of the 2 style curtains for reference:

  1. Led curtain with mixed leds: https://youtu.be/9-Jf6iUPWc0
  2. RGB curtain: https://youtu.be/nRogUZmyCGg

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