Black and white plywood dance floor for events
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Black and white plywood dance floor for events

Having manufactured dance floor for nearly 20 years,our dance floor is of very good quality and get many good feedback and high reputation from our old clients.As good quality,even when using our floor for weddings/parties/engagement ceremony/trade show every weekend,it can be used for many years.We used got an feedback from clients,after using our floor for 2 years,our floor still keep in very good condition.

Below are some information of our plywood dance floors.

The surface of the dance floor is 1mm fireproof board,the foundation is 18mm thickness plywood, and with aluminum frame the thickness is 30mm. As the floor is strong,so the bearing capacity is as high as 750kg/square meters. We used to test a car ran over the floor,it still keep the same good condition as before, video here for reference:

The color of the dance floor is determined by the fireproof board.Normally the color is black and white,we do also have many other customized colors available,red brown,Walnut and so on.If any interest, we will send color cards for choice once you sent us inquiries.

 The advantages of our dance floor,besides the high bearing capacity, another advantages is our updated moisture proof backsides.Now we updated our floor back sides from normal wooden to moisture material surface,so when using in the morning or late night and even on grass, no need to worry about the moisture.

If you are also looking for dance floor, kindly contact me to get more information via below contact ways:
Whatsapp/wechat:+86 135 3406 4248

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