Ceiling star curtain
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Ceiling star curtain

As we all know led curtain is widely used as backdrops for different events.
Like weddings/parties/concerts/trade shows/exhibitions and so on.Besides working as backdrop, nowadays many clients choose to use the led curtain to make ceiling drape,also looks stunning and awesome. Below is our newly got client’s feedback led curtain pictures.
Besides the blue and white leds color seen in the picture, there are also singe red,green,blue,white, yellow or many other mixed options.Among them single white,single blue,blue+white, blue+white+red+green are the hottest options.
Many clients do not have the idea of how to choose the led curtain panel size. unit Led curtain drape panel size are normally 2mX3m;2mX4m;3mX4m;4mX6m;4mX8m;5mX10m. Most clients choose 4mx6m and 4mx8m. Certainly most importantly is to check out the normal venue height in local venues,then we can customized sizes for you.
Whole led curtain projects including led curtain drapes and controller (control 100-120 square meters) .Many clients also not so clear how many controller they need especially when they need to decor a huge hall and need to connect the led curtains. Normally one controller can control 100-120 square meters, for example if your wedding hall is 240 square meters, and you want unit panel size is 4mx6m. Then 2pcs controller is ok, and if need better lighting effect and budget is not a problem,3-4pcs controller is also ok.

Once any interest to buy some Led Curtain for wedding decoration, kindly feel free to get in touch with Cindy Gui.your contact is always welcomed! Below is my contact details:
Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 135 3406 4248

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