Pipe and Drape with Different Fabric for trade show booth
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Complete the your event with pipes and drapes backdrop.
Pipes and drapes are not limited to just events, but trades shows is a must for maintaining privacy between the booths.
The pipe system is compose of upright, crossbar, and a solid base.
RK offers affordable wholesale pricing on our back drop kit and accessories.
Drape – available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes
Header/Horizontal – valance sleeved onto an adjustable horizontal support
Telescoping Uprights – unique slip-lock feature easily locks when pole is raised or lowered
Base – the foundation of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of drape
Pipe & drape backdrops, trade show booths, and portable photo booths are our specialties!
We supply hotels, conference centers, schools, trade shows, churches, party rental stores,
and many other businesses with our complete pipe and drape packages and kits,
as well as parts and accessories for existing displays.
Provide your Length, Height, Width, then we can find out the best solutions for you. :)
We can help you earn the benefit easier and save your time!!
Packaging & Shipping
 We can design the Flight case of the pipe and drape kits according your exact need.
Product Description
Pipe and drapes ( Hot selling size)
RK-TS712    7' - 12' Adjustable Upright,Two-Piece pipe & 4" pin & scrow
RK-TS814    8' - 14' Adjustable Upright,Two-Piece pipe & 4" pin & scrow
RK-TS916    9' - 16' Adjustable Upright,Two-Piece pipe & 6" pin & scrow
RK-TS614    6' - 14' Adjustable Upright,Three-Piece pipe & 6" pin & scrow
RK-TDS610  6' - 10' TDS (stops at 8' & 10')Drape Support
RK-TDS712  7' - 12' TDS (stops at 10' & 12')Drape Support
RK-TDS814  8' - 14' TDS (stops at 10', 12' & 14')Drape Support
RK-TDS916  9' - 16' TDS (stops at 12', 14' & 16')Drape Support
RK-B1818-316-BK     18" x 18" x 3/16" Base plate
RK-B2424-316-BK     24" x 24" x 3/16" Base plate
Different size and quantity to build special ideas! 

Photo Booth                                                                             QTY
RK-B5050-316-BK     500 x 500 x 5mm  Base plate                         4
RK-815  8' X 1-1/2" O.D. Standard Uprights                                   4
RK-FDS10FT 10FT Fixed Length Drape Supports                        5
H-120101    Shelf Hanger  (use on the crossbar)                       2
388M58EX   8' high X 58" wide Black Luxury Fireproof Velvet   16
388M58EX   8' high X 58" wide Red Luxury Fireproof Velvet     4

Trade show booth                                                                  QTY
RK-315  3' X 1-1/2" O.D. Standard Uprights                                  2
RK-815  8' X 1-1/2" O.D. Standard Uprights                                       2
RK-B814-BK 8" x 14" x 3/16" Base plate - with 2" Pin & Scrow      2
RK-B1416-BK     14" x 16" x 3/16" Base plate - with 2" Pin & Scrow       2
RK-TDS610  6'-8'-10' Telescopic Drape Support                               3
600035  3' high X 5' wide  (34" X 58") Banjo Drape Panels      6
600085  8' high X 5' wide  (94" X 58") Banjo Drape Panels      3

Square Normal Tent
RK-NT6X10  4 X TS610 Upright and 4 X TDS610 crossbar and 4 X Base
RK-NT7X12  4 X TS712 Upright and 4 X TDS712 crossbar and 4 X Base
RK-NT8X14  4 X TS814 Upright and 4 X TDS814 crossbar and 4 X Base
RK-NT9X16  4 X TS916 Upright and 4 X TDS916 crossbar and 4 X Base

Roundness Tent
RK-RC0404X4    4' - 4' Roundness Crossbars and 6'-10' Upright and 18" Base
RK-RC0606X4    6' - 6' Roundness Crossbars and 7'-12' Upright and 18" Base
RK-RC0808X4    8' - 8' Roundness Crossbars and 7'-12' Upright and 18" Base
RK-RC1010X4    10' - 10' Roundness Crossbars and 8'-14' Upright and 18" Base

Why purchase from RK
1. Reliability 
We have been designing and manufacturing flight Pipe and drape for near 20 years. Our leading design teams and strict quality control systems ensure each product from RK is reliable and ideal deals. Our quality products have well met demands of all clients around the world.
2.Faster Delivery
With our own factory and product line, RK can ensure the fastest delivery in the industry. What’s more, we have accumulated rich resources in shipping channels, which also promise our fastest delivery time.
3.Low Price
We have our own factory and massive production line. This ensures that we can procure all materials at much lower price than our competitors. We promise all products from RK are the most affordable in the industry