RK Newly Stage Aluminum Truss System Project
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Nowadays, aluminum truss are widely used in events, such as concert, exhibition, trade show and so on. Below are some of our truss information:


Spigot truss 220x220mm, 230x230mm, 290x290mm, 390x390mm, 520x520mm;
Bolt truss 100x100mm, 150x150mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm, 350x350mm, 400x400mm, 450x450mm, 400x600mm, 500x500mm, 500x600mm,
520x760mm, 600x760mm, 760x910mm;
Shape  Ladder truss, triangle truss, sqaure truss, round/circle truss, arc and anomalistic truss
Project tower truss system; with flat roof; with triangle roof; with pentroof; with two wings; with portable stage; with tent…..

Advanced Truss features:

1. Lighting spigot/bolt aluminum truss, lightweight but strong, portable and deluxe. 

2. Made from aluminum material 

3. It’s quick and easy to set up and disassemble, easy for your transportation

RK Newly finished customized truss project:

aluminum stage truss system

aluminum stage truss system

Once you are also have some interest in our truss,kindly feel free to contact us via below contact details:

Email: sales06@pipedrapesystems.com
Mobile: +86-13534064248

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