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How to set up Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and Drape kits are the important decoration on the Wedding or other events, but how to build up the system is a big problem for some people. Here are steps to build up a Pipe and Drape.

  1. Connect the Base and Base pin
Get the Pin from the Upright (You can find the Pins are in the bottom of the Uprights.), then use the Allen wrench to let the Pin connect with Base, screws should be tight.
  1. Fit the Upright and the Base
Upright must be connect to the Base Pin, so the system can be stable. It is easy to set up the Uprights, just put Base Pin into the Upright.
  1. Slip on the Upright
You need to set the Bowl to the right position you need. Press on the button on the Bowl and slip up or down.
  1. The Drape across the Crossbar
The most important step, First you should let the Drapes across the Crossbar , and then let the Crossbar connect to Uprights. The order cannot be reversed.
  1. Fit the Upright and the Crossbar
Mind the distance between the Uprights and the Length of the Crossbars.
  1. A beautiful Pipe and Drape kit had been Done
Finally, a Pipe and Drape kit system had been Done, now we can use it to decorate the Wedding events!

  1. Don’t miss the Base Pin and the Allen wrench, or else you will pay to buy a new one.
  2. It’s better to make Handle slot and Stack slot on Bases. For remove and storage.
  3. Make the Drape with Pocket, corns, straps, Velcro, they are useful then your thought.
  4. Shrink the Uprights and Crossbars to minimum length for Package and storage after use.
  5. RK’s Bowel is the best for the Pipe and Drape kits.

Drapery Hook/Match Curtain Rod/Pole


Drapery Hook/Match Curtain Rod/Pole

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