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What is the Pipe and Drape
Pipe & drape is a major project in our products. All the products has been successfully produced and tested on-site.
As the type of production and specifications to some extent is not very perfect, such products brand awareness is not high, so the technology will continue to improve, in the promotion will be strengthened. As customers in the choice of quality and price on the relatively high, for which the future direction of our products are: inexpensive, high quality service.
Our new development of the Pipe and Drape s, is based on other company's products, learn from the market all the advantages of existing products, coupled with our own new design concepts, developed more practical Pipe and Drape s, we are now the new design Pipe and Drape  Pipe and Drape  has the following advantages and characteristics:
1.  Our Pipe and Drape  frame is now a retractable device and detachable device, which is Division I in technology research and development and other company's products, the difference is also a major highlight of our products, the current similar products only me Secretary can produce and technology is mature. If the customer in the future use of the process of problems, customers only one of the replacement of the bowl structure or tube, without all the replacement, can save a lot of cost;
2.  Products of the column and the bar are marked above the scale, stretching to a certain size can not be elevated when there are relevant warning signs, to achieve safe and convenient results;
3.  In addition to the size of the existing conventional specifications, our company can also be based on the needs of different sites for customers with special size design, the size of the more flexible and diverse, to meet the various needs of customers;
4.  Pipe and Drape  material we in addition to the existing flannel, ordinary Pipe and Drape s, the back will increase the mantle yarn and other related products, so that our products more rich and varied;
5.  The appearance of packaging using conventional default EPE, tape plus carton packaging, each box containing 4 to 6 pipe, each pipe are separated with Pearl cotton to prevent deformation in the transport process. Followed by portable bags, chassis packaging, cart packaging and other transport packaging to meet the different needs of customers;
6.  In terms of price and quality, we strive to achieve the best quality and the most reasonable price;
7.  In after-sales service, we try to meet customer standards, to give "customer first" warm service.
Pipe and Drape  holder target groups and trends
Pipe and Drape  Rack This product originated in Europe and the United States market, now in Europe and the United States and Australia market has been very popular. Small and medium-sized activities include high-end celebrations, wedding, product launches, private parties, etc .; large-scale activities include exhibition layout, decorative walls, room partition, performance background; purchase of these products are the main customers to do some celebration leasing company The
Now we have been in a more mature stage of the Pipe and Drape , the conventional size of the product quality production is no problem, the follow-up development will be based on the market feedback matching the corresponding adjustment, increase product innovation, the Pipe and Drape  frame made a complete system Series of products.

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