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Our company Rack in the Cases Limited(RK),which has been specialized in event equipment for many years. We provide professional dance floor (plywood dance floor, PVC plastic dance floor, LED dance floor, RGB pixel dance floor etc).

Temporary dance floors are a convenient way for you to provide the perfect environment for small, medium, and large dancing ball.

Plywood dance floors have always been and are still now an extremely popular choice for people. It's kind like the traditional dance floor and won't out of fashion, also may become the classic one. The price is much more reasonable compare with other dance floor. Also the material make the plywood dance floor's life time longer. The inter lock system make the plywood dance floor easy to install, tight to each piece and won't broke down.

The PVC plastic dance floor is much popular for outside marquee event. The big advantages for PVC plastic dance floor are light weight and water proof. So it won't do much damage to the glass or turf. The PVC dance floor is also easy to set up, light weight make it easy to transit from one place to another.

dance floor

The LED dance floor has became popular on the market recent years. There are star lights when power on, also can be used as normal dance floor without the lights. The LED dance floor's material is acrylic, only white and black flooring panel are available. The remote controller make it's possible for you to change the effect mode. As the star lights, our can choose the white, blue, green, red, single or mixed lights. But we recommend the white and blue, because the effect will be much pretty.

Nowadays, the RGB pixel dance floor is hot sale on the market. The most attractive point is that make patterns by program. The RGB dance floor also has the function of the LED dance floor, also acquire the programming function.

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