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Are you in the business of the event? No matter what the party, the wedding,the concert or others. I believe you have heard that the RK brand. Our company also shorted as RK, but it is also our brand.

RK specialized in the performance equipment, such as the portable stage (including the Aluminum stage, Beyond stage, Smart stage and Folding stage), Stage truss, wooden dance floor, LED dance floor, PVC dance floor, wedding pipe and drape, flight case and other performance equipment. If you are in the area of the event business, I think there is no need to make more introduction of our company for you. Because you are more familiar with the brand and products than me.

One of the most important reasons why our brand can be known around the world is that we have always been committed to the quality of products and customers' experience. Do the best to service our clients. Not only does our clients can purchase high quality products but also enjoy our service, which is the best. In addition, We will be based on customer requirements to customize the size of the product to meet customer needs.Like some products that are not regular size, but our customers really need, we will focus on helping customers design the products they need. That is also one of the reasons why the RK brand can be famous all over the world.

Rack in the cases ltd is a professional company that specialize in the performance equipment.Please remember that there are five major categories in our company, they are portable stage,truss, pipe and drape, dance floor and flight case. If you or your friend want to purchase the performance equipment, please feel free to contact RK Vinda. I will always be here to help you out. Thank you for your continuous attention.

Vinda Liang
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RK the pipe and drape manufacturer