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The component of the pipe and drape system are upright, crossbar, base plate and drapes. Below is the detail about pipe and drape:

Base plate: The heavy base plate is used to stabilize the aluminum framework, bases will determine what uprights and crossbars are used. The size of RK base plate in US standard, 18" × 18" × 3/16", 24" × 24" × 3/16", 18" × 18" × 3/8", 24" × 24" × 3/8". The size of RK base plate in EU standard, 500 × 500 × 5mm, 500 × 500 × 8mm, 500 × 500 × 10mm, 450×450×5mm, 600×600×5mm, 450×450×10mm, 600×600×10mm. As the system gets taller or wider, base weights are recommended to match the new framework.
Upright: These are pipes or poles that stand vertically in a drape setup. They are available in fixed heights or adjustable heights. If you are new to the pipe and drape system, I recommend the 6 ft-10 ft upright, it's hot sale on the market. Other adjustable are also popular, like 7 ft- 12 ft, 8 ft-14 ft, 9 ft- 16 ft, 8 ft-20 ft.
Crossbar: The crossbar also known as drape support or horizontal rods. They are the pipes that you hang your drapes from, and sets the width of your display. The most popular crossbar to get started with is also the same as upright, for 6 ft 10 ft telescopic crossbar, it can stops at 8 ft point. Other width like 7 ft-12 ft, 8 ft-14 ft, 9 ft-16 ft are also widely used. But we don't recommend the longer width than 16 ft, because 16 ft is enough wide to support the drapes. Also the drape's weight will make the long crossbar flexible.
Drapes: Sheer fabric drapes are popular for weddings and special events. Banjo drape is also available at an even lower price for trade show booth. Velour drapes is the most economic drapes which is 65% black out, little shiny on the surface, which is widely used for the photo booth or wall backdrop. Performance luxury velvet is recommended as the highest quality fabric, which is fire resistant, and is a 100% blackout fabric guaranteed to block incoming light.


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