Newly finished Pipe with Black Velour drape
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Newly finished Pipe with Black Velour drape

Pipe drape systems is one of RK advantages projects during our 18 years manufacturing. With our own 10000 square meters factory, our quality and price are the top 3 among other Chinese suppliers.

As an important part of events equipment, our pipes are widely used to make backdrop,wedding tents,trade show booths,room divider and so on. And as the size is telescopic and adjustable,it can suit well with different venue sizes. Below are our pipes bases size options for choice:

Commodity name

High bearing capacity Pipes for backdrop


Upright and crossbar are made of Aluminum alloy, base is made of Steel

Upright -2 sections

3'-5', 4'-7',5'-8',6'-10',7'-12',8'-14',9'-16',10'-18',11'-20',12'-22',13'-24',14'-26'

Upright -3 sections




Base with spigot

450×450×5mm; 500×500×5mm;600×600×5mm
450×450×10mm; 500×500×10mm;600×600×10mm


Chiffon for weddings
Banjo cloth for tradeshow
Velvet/velour for meetings/theaters/conference


Flight cases, handbag, standard carton.


Pin & screw, hex key

Below is our newly finished pipe drape project. Pipes with black velour drape.Seen from the picture you will know the drape looks shiny on surface,very special.This drape is of good look and good price. The only problem is it is 65% blackout,so the light can come through. If you do not mind this light problem it is a good choice for you.
And see from the pictures both from front or from back you will notice, when it faced to you, the uprights are covered by drape,and there is no gap between the drape panels.That is because we make each drape panel 30cm wider so it can cover the pipes, and also by adding velcro (normally every feet one pair) on the sides of drapes,so they can be connected to each other.

Once any interest in our pipe drape , kindly feel free to get in touch with Cindy Gui.your contact is always welcomed! Below is my contact details:

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