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Pipe drape systems are widely used for hotels, conference centers, schools, trade shows, churches, party rental stores. With adjustable characters,using the same size pipes you can make different size projects based on your venues sizes. And also can use them do designs like backdrop,wedding tents,trade show booths or any other design as active as your mind.

Today introduce our black pipes to you. Besides normal silver color,now more and more clients prefer black color. Especially when they need as backdrop with black color drapes,the pipes will be more match with it. The sizes of black color is as the same as silver color, details as below:


Commodity name High bearing capacity Pipes for backdrop
Material Upright and crossbar are made of Aluminum alloy, base is made of Steel
Upright -2 sections 3'-5', 4'-7',5'-8',6'-10',7'-12',8'-14',9'-16',10'-18',11'-20',12'-22',13'-24',14'-26'
Upright -3 sections 5'-11',6'-14',7'-17',8'-20',9'-23'
Crossbar 2'-3',3'-5',4'-7',5'-8',6'-10',7'-12',8'-14',9'-16'
Base with spigot 450×450×5mm; 500×500×5mm;600×600×5mm
450×450×10mm; 500×500×10mm;600×600×10mm
Drapes Chiffon for weddings
Banjo cloth for tradeshow
Velvet/velour for meetings/theaters/conference
Package Flight cases, handbag, standard carton.
Accessories Pin & screw, hex key

Below is our newly finished black pipes with black velour drape.When as backdrop stand,they can be installed as single set like the first picture. Or if along the wall and need larger size,they can also be connected with many sections.
The drape is one of our hot sale velour drape,90% blackout is perfect for backdrop.And if you do not like the gap between drape panels can ask us to add velcro for you,normally every feet add one pair velcro,so the drapes will looks like a whole sheet like picture

Once any interest in our pipe drape , kindly feel free to get in touch with Cindy Gui.your contact is always welcomed! Below is my contact details:

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